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Quest Hardware & Support

Quest comes with a selection of mature peripheral and hardware options that greatly enhances the flexibility of your Quest System. All the options below are easiliy clipped on to your Quest System to give you more power and features.

To order, or to get further details on any of the solutions: Contact us

Quest Hardware

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Table management
Pole Displays

Allow your customers to see what they paying for. Pole Displays increase security and satisfy customers.

Phone Orders
RF Readers

Increase staff security by installing RF Readers for clerk log on. To track your staff sales and improve efficiency ,RF Clerks is a great tool.

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RF WristTags

RF Wrist Tags link to the RF Reader for Clerks Log On. Move your wrist over the front sensor and you're logged in.

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Card Readers

Want to run Loyalty, Membership Discount or VIP cards etc. Quest Card readers are fast, and built for Hospo.

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Barcode Scanners

All types of Barcode scanners are available with Quest. In-Bench, Scanner Scales and Wireless are compatible.

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Quest works with all leading brands of receipt and station printers. Talk to us about voucher, watermark, and auto coupon receipt printers.

Cash Drawers

We only sell stylish Heavy Duty Cash Drawers that take the punishment. If yours get tired and lose their luster and spring we can get replacements out to you on next day.

Lockable Inserts

Cash is king and if yours is lying around between shifts then you need Lockable Inserts to protect everyone from sneaky hands. Keep it safe and lock it up.


Need new inserts to manage floats or need to replace inserts on their way out. We have inserts for all shapes and models of drawers.

Quest KeyBoard Membranes

After 3 years you should be replacing your Quest Membrane. They can become worn and less responsive to touch.

Card Printers

Both Task Manager and SwiftPOS interface to Card Printers and have Card Printing and Design tools. Talk to us on how to get started.

Label Printers

Both Task Manager and SwiftPOS interface to card printers and have design and print tools for label printing, batch printing and management.




Before & After

Quest Tills work in wet hard environments and after many years they can get worn. To make your Quest Tills look like new again, call us and we will send you new covers. Peel off the old and stick the new one on to transform your POS System. You'll love it.


PDT Solutions: 1 PDT can perform all the functions below. 


Stock takes and Transfers

PDE Stocktaking speeds up the stock take process by only having to scan, enter quantity and repeat. No Searching, greater accuracy and faster. They pay for themselves straight away.

Mobile Price Verification and Updates

Scan the products bar code to view the set price in that location, if the price needs updating then enter the correct price in the PDE and send to Task Manager or SwiftPOS..

Mobile Label creation

Scan a product or barcode to create new shelf labels in the Back Office. Perfect for Hospo Retail mixes where products are produced or supplied with no label.

Mobile Orders and Invoice Posting

Use the PDE to scan products and enter orders directly from the shelves. The Back Office the system will take care of the rest and create Purchase Orders by supplier ready to be posted.