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Renowned for it's robustness, speed, functionality and ability

Swift POSIt is little wonder why Quest is NZ most popular POS system for Hospitality. Quest terminals are specifically designed for Hospo and run some of the worlds largest and most prestigious sports stadiums including the Cake Tin (Wgtn)

Quest is ideal for ideal for for fast paced establishments where equipment gets a hammering through knocks, drops and spills. Quest is solid state so no moving parts, no hard drive, fans etc. Quest tills are ROM based like a cash register not Windows based, and as such offer stability, simple functionality and low cost of ownership


Swift POS
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If your a Quest customer looking for more options or an upgrade path take a look at SwiftpOS Hospitality and SwiftPOS Back Office pages.

QuestPOS - Standard Features

Table management
Table Splitting

Table splitting is available on both the Versa Term and the V Touch. Table splitting is super quick with Quest and easy to master.

Hold/Park Sale
Hold/Park Sale

Park as many sales as you like, recall them when you want. It's easy and fast. Move to the next sale and keep revenue flowing

Clerk Security
Clerk Security

Full control on clerk access rights from pages right down to individual keys provides you with secure trading and control

Delivery and Pick-up Management
Pick Up Managment

Quest manages your order pickups from TxT or Web Orders. Pickup management controls your orders and customers simply & easily.


Real time accounts with account balance at the POS. Full accounts receivable and account management.

Loyality Members

Managing your members at POS for Points, discounts, price levels & member name.

Kitchen Printing
Kitchen Printing

Full kitchen printing facilities allows printing to multiple service areas, bars, coffee stations: With single duplicate and triplicate docket printing options

Wastage Spillage

Manage your wastage and spillage as it happens using Quest accounts to track and record your stock mishaps

Barcode Management
Barcode management

Scan bar-codes at Point of Sale for product entry. Also weight embedded barcodes and member bar-codes

Scale Interface
Scale Interface

Interface your scales to Quest for grocery, deli, coffee sales etc. Scale interfacing ensures your weights are always correct and fair on you and the customer

Wastage Spillage
Spill Resistant

Quest Tills are designed for the Hospitality and have been designed to operate in wet areas where spills are an everyday occurrence.


Easy report configurations allow you to build multiple detailed and simple front end cash up reports for different clerk groups


QuestPOS - Add On Features

Txt Marketing
TxT Ordering

Like Web Orders your customers can place their favorite orders via mobile phone. A brilliant solution for your busy customers ensuring you get first priority for their orders

Web Text Ordering
Web, & Text Ordering

Web ordering is simple with Quest. Just watch you web sales print out ready for production , pick up and delivery.

Mobile Waiter Terminals
Txt Marketing

Want to run adhoc promotions, specials & incentives to your membership base? Txt marketing is now easy and affordable

Kitchen Bumpbox
Kitchen BumpBox

Kitchen bump box and bump screens networked to POS. A view for the whole kitchen with meal waiting times and alerts

Custom facing screen
Mobile Waiter Terminals

Waiter terminals keep your waiting staff on the floor increasing your spend per customer.

PDE Stocktaking
PDE stocktaking

Drastically improve speed and accuracy of stock takes using the PDE stoc ktake module with barcode scanning for fast entry

Etpos Interface
Eftpos interface

Interface to Eftpos for faster transactions with higher accuracy, fewer mistakes and easy reconciliations

Etpos Interface
Radio Frequency Clerk ID

Simple, fast, secure staff log on means more accountability on individuals and easier tracking of staff sales with proof of use

CCTV Interface
CCTV Interface

Quest POS easily integrates to most leading Camera systems for extra security, identification and shrinkage control.