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Imagine if your PC crashed right now, and your hard drive failed.

Are your files backed up on another PC or memory stick? What about your accounts? payroll? menu's, graphics and what about your point of sale? The configurations, your entire set up, your Back Office and all that reporting data? Most of us would be guilty of not doing our back ups regularly, if at all! And would be in a very big hassle and heart breaking trouble.

Over the years we have had to rescue too many sites from this exact disaster and it's the same every time. No warning, the data is gone. To help our customers we offer an automated back up service for $59.99 per month where every day a remote back up manager backs up all the folders that contain data that is important to you. This service is not just for POS, but for all data that you need to keep safe.

Your data is kept by a third party in a secure and managed hosting environment . In the event of a PC failure, all your data can be down loaded by you, or us (with your password), to your new PC ready to go with major disaster averted.

The service is installed over the internet onto your machine. The first back up is all done within 24 hours of set up. It's Easy. If you are not regimental in your back up procedures, we strongly recommend that you engage this service.

Contact us to arrange a back up service for your main PC. The service can be installed over the internet on you machine straight away with the first back up being done within 24 hours of set up. It's Easy.