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SwiftPOS: Customer Retention & Loyalty Management Module

SwiftPOS Members provides a new level of membership and loyalty management beyond its hugely popular predecessor, Task Manager (Quest Back Office) SwiftPOS offers an even more powerful and dynamic membership solution with the power of SQL and the use of the latest development .Net platforms.

If your looking to run a membership programme that provides you with a point of difference and offers detailed clear analysis and allows targeted communication with your customers,  then SwiftPOS is a must.

Integrate your products, sales and takings into one seamless membership solution.

SwiftPOS Members also runs as a multi site solution for Groups, Franchise Chains and Multi Sites. SwiftPOS Head Office Module can manage all your members, member policies and rules from one centralised member database.

SwiftPOS provides you complete control of your membership database with ease of management and dynamic solutions

SwiftPOS Members Standard Features

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Member Details

Member details, photo's, custom fields, linked members etc can be maintained in SwiftPOS for data analysis, mail outs, & preferences

Table management
Financial Details

All financial details of members are stored and easily reported on. SwiftPOS breaks down member spend in an easy to manage format.

Table management
Transaction Details

Every member transaction ever made is stored in SwiftPOS SQL and can be interrogated at any time or reported on.

Table management
Member Images

Store your member photo's for additional security at POS or for kiosks. You can also print your own member cards directly from SwiftPOS.

Table management
MemberShip Fees

SwiftPOS provides extensive management of club membership subs and fees. Payment of fees can be handled at both POS and Back Office.

Table management

Member Classification allows you to dynamically manage and market to multiple types of members based on any criteria you like.

Table management
Interest Groups

Interest groups allow you to define your members by interest/likes. Use interest groups to communicate the right message to the right members.

Table management
Spend Groups

Dynamic allocation of members to spend groups allows you to market, communicate and reward customer spending by various levels.

Table management
Points Expiry

SwiftPOS being SQL allows points expiry rules by membership types meaning no more unmanageable points liabilities.

Table management
Member Campaigns

Run extensive campaigns, volume discounts, Mix & Match etc to members by member type, spend groups, interest groups etc.

Table management
Dynamic Member Analysis

SwiftPOS provides detailed member reporting as well as report creation and exports to Excell for further break down or  export to other applications.

Table management
E Merge

Run email merges to your members by; type, spend, purchases, points, redemptions, suppliers, birth date, gender, join date, subs, inactive etc.

Table management
Mail Merge

Mail Merge has the same member filtering as E-Merge. SwiftPOS also manages your address lable printing making mail merging quick and seamless.

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TXT Merge

Same member filtering as E-merge but with a dedicated TxT file creator for export and send out. TxT merging allows for dynamic exciting promotions.

Table management
Loyalty Points Accrual

SwiftPOS allows different member types to have different accrual and expiry rules. Points by product control, bonus points & points multiplier rules. 


Table management
Loyalty Points Redemption

Redeem points for products or services, control point redemption structures, expiries, points bonus specials, point promos and more.

Table management
Price Level Management

With SwiftPOS you can run points rules or price  rules for members. Price Level management allows you to control what members buy at what price.

Table management
Member Stored Value accounts

Manage stored value accounts using SwiftPOS. Stored value bonus rules, statements, reporting/auditing, secure pin numbers and more.

Table management
Member Credit Accounts

Provide your members or customers with credit accounts at the POS. SwiftPOS also provides full invoicing and debtor management.

SwiftPOS Members Add on features

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Reception Terminals

Reception terminals work in tandem with Kiosks for operators to view and control entry rules. Reception  also runs prize draws, raffles and live promos.

Table management
Web Integration

Integrate your webpage to SwiftPOS Members allowing your members to sign up to your Membership programme on line.

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Member Kiosks

Member Kiosk is a dynamic entry control solution that integrates to electronic doors or loyalty terminal offering prizes, vouchers and specials.

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Third Party Application Integration

SwiftPOS is written in .NET and runs on SQL so it uses the latest in software development technology enabling integration developments.