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SwiftPOS - Simply put it's the next level in Point of Sale

Swift POS

Built on Microsoft SQL, SwiftPOS offers an incredible level of sophistication, usability and functionality you won't believe. Fantastically easy to use and manage you will simply fall in love with this package. This POS System is a real breakthrough in Hospitality Point of Sale and is a must have tool for your business.

Due to its SQL platform SwiftPOS can run any size operation without concern of database corruption or blow-out. Perfect for single till sites right up to multi level franchise or multisite chain operations. SwiftPOS also has SQL Head Office and Back Office packages with replication through-out the entire chain providing redundancy at all levels. The system can be set to auto syncronise between POS, Back Office and Head Office every 15 seconds!

SwiftPos is also affordable no matter what size your operation and offers incredible value. If your business is outgrowing you current POS or your starting a new business make sure you invest in the best. We're thrilled that a product like SwiftPos is now available to our industry, it's well overdue!

Swift POS

SwiftPOS - Standard Features

Table management
Table Management

SwiftPos offers a full Table Managment suite with key features such as: table splitting, item splitting, table mapping, reservations & floor plan.

Phone Orders
Phone Orders

Receiving phone orders is easy, your customers are recognised instantly making delivery or pick up orders simple to manage.

Delivery and Pick-up Management
Delivery & Pick Up Managment

With SwiftPOS you have all tools to manage your pick up's deliveries, drivers and customer details on the fly. Link customer details into SwiftPOS Members for future marketing opportunities

Clerk Security
Clerk Security

Full control on clerk access rights at the POS, back office and head office. SwiftPOS reporting and investigation tools are also easy to use.

Hold/Park Sale
Hold/Park Sale

Park as many sales as you like, recall them when you want. It's easy and fast. Move to the next sale and keep revenue flowing

Loyality Members

SwiftPOS provides incredible flexibility for your membership and loyalty programmes with full Member features and functionality. SwiftPOS also links to Task Manager Loyalty


Account charges, payments, status, real time limits are all available from your iPad. You can also edit account details and set up accounts from POS


SwiftPOS provides full giftcard creation, management and security giving you the power to run your own GiftCard campaigns

Scale Interface
Scale Interface

Interface your scales to SwiftPOS for Grocery, Deli, coffee sales etc. Scale interfacing ensures your weights are always correct and fair on you and the customer

Kitchen Printing
Kitchen Printing

Full kitchen printing and floor printing allows printing to multiple service areas with single, duplicate and triplicate printing options.

Wastage Spillage

Manage your wastage and spillage as it happens using SwiftPOS easy Wastage and Spillage management tools

Barcode Management
Barcode management

Scan barcodes at Point of Sale for product entry, add barcodes to products at POS on the fly or use bar-codes for customer self scan loyalty cards

Retail Mode
Retail Mode

Have a retail & Hospo mix? SwitPOS has a fully featured retail mode with bar-coding, item look up, laybuy, mix & match and more


Easily build multiple detailed reports and simple front end cash up reports for end of shift summary and reconciliation.


Kitchen PrintingDigital Menu boards

Products, Pricing, and Order ready information on digital menu boards all managed from within the Swiftpos back office software




SwiftPOS - Add On Features

Txt Marketing
TxT Marketing

Want to run adhoc promotions, specials & incentives to your membership base? TxT marketing is now easy and affordable

Web Text Ordering
Web Ordering

Meet the market and provide your customers with full remote order management. Web orders seamlessly integrate into your SwiftPOS front end and printer stations

Mobile Waiter Terminals
Mobile Waiter Terminals

Waiter terminals with full POS functionality keep your waiting staff on the floor increasing your spend per table. Also available on iPads & iPhones

Kitchen Bumpbox
Kitchen BumpBox

Kitchen Bump Box and bump screens networked to POS. A view for the whole kitchen with meal waiting times and alerts

Custom facing screen
Customer facing screen

Advertise your products, services, promotions, loyalty programmes etc at the Point of Purchase with rear screen advertising

PDE Stocktaking
PDE stocktaking

Drastically improve speed and accuracy of stock takes using the PDE stock take module with barcode scanning for fast entry

Etpos Interface
Eftpos interface

Interface to Eftpos for faster transactions with higher accuracy, fewer mistakes and easy reconciliations

CCTV Interface
CCTV Interface

SwiftPS integrates to Panasonic Camera systems and Stinger software for extra security, identification and shrinkage control.