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Task Manager & SwiftPOS

Both Task Manager and SwiftPOS Back Office work seamlessly with Quest and SwiftPOS Touch and can run a combination of both Quest and SwiftPOS at one site or multiple sites giving you the best of both worlds at the front and the back.

Stock Module

SwiftPOS back office is a suite of Software Modules that manages the back office functions and links the Point of Sale Terminals to create a total POS solution. SwiftPOS has full export options to General Ledger, Creditors and Payroll packages.

The product is divided into modules, allowing the purchase of tailor-made packages just right for your requirements without having to pay for things that you may not use. New modules can be added as required if your needs change. SwiftPOS back office provides tight control over Inventory Management, Cash Management and staff costs. It can help detect problems such as theft and wastage before they get out of hand. You know exactly what your Inventory-on-hand is, right up until the last sale due to the real time processing of all sales transactions.

SwiftPOS is NZ's most advanced back office software in the Hospitality Industry and is supported by 11 local fully accredited SwiftPOS resellers NZ wide.


Members Module with Full Loyalty Functionality

Originally created for the Australian League Clubs with enormous memberships running sophisticated loyalty and retention schemes this software has all the features you need to run a successful membership, loyalty or customer retention programme.

SwiftPOS Members is extremely powerful, comprehensive and easy to use making it the most advanced POS members module in NZ. It can be scaled to suit any business type or operation.

If you are looking to increase your customer retention rate, start a community, get spending data on your customers or have an easy way to keep in contact with you regulars, locals etc. then this is for you.



SwiftPOS back office offers an amazing array of concise industry specific reports. The system comes with over 160 reports out of the box ready for you to get the detailed information you need to run your business straight away.

Reports are broken down into sections so finding the right report for your requirements is easy and fast. Each report is configurable by multiple fields allowing you to tailor your reports to show the specific information relevant to what you want to report on. With SwiftPOS you can export your reports in multiple formats such. PDF, Word, GIF, TIFF and Excel.

Perfect for providing your accountant with information, importing data into other software systems or slicing and dicing your data further in Excel.

SwiftPOS also offers batch reports which can be set to auto-email all your favourite reports daily, weekly, monthly in any format you like such as Excell, Word, PDF etc.

Reports can also auto-print or be sent to folders on your network or to FTP folders.


SwiftPOS Multi Site

SwiftPos Back Office runs as a full Microsoft SQL Database. SQL is a database structure designed for large enterprise sites or Head Office establishments such as chains, franchises etc. SQL provides incredible stability, database integrity, and redundancy no matter how large your database or business becomes, you won't need to cut up your database or worry about reports becoming slow.

With SwiftPOS everything is based on a Global level. Most fields in SwiftPOS back office & head office are limitless allowing multiple sites to each run independent campaigns, membership programmes, loyalty, stock systems etc. This product has been built to cater for the larger operator who requires centralised management and control of multiple businesses or detailed reporting for franchise management.

If you are a franchisor, multisite venue, large operator then SwiftPOS Head Office is a must see application with features and capabilities perfect for what you and your team need from a POS system. If you are a Task Manager user who is growing and wants more Global control then talk to us about upgrading to SwiftPOS SQL back office or head office.


Upgrading from Task Manager (Quest) to SwiftPOS

SwiftPOS back office works seamlessly with Quest and SwiftPOS Touch terminals and can run a combination of both Quest and SwiftPOS at one site or multiple sites. Customers using the older Task Manager back office software will have all their existing Task Manager sales history, inventory, members and settings converted to SwiftPOS format as part of the upgrade.