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Upgrade to SwiftPOS Touch and keep your TaskManager Back Office

Swift POS

SwiftPOS installed on recommended Panasonic Hardware provides an extremely robust and stable solution and is why Eden Park, Esquires, Muffin Break, Jamaica Blue, University of Canterbury, Auckland International Airport and many other venues from major event centres down to small Cafe's and Bars have made the change to SwiftPOS.

SwiftPOS Touch works with your existing Task Manager Software Back Office Software. Moving to SwiftPOS Touch is as simple as replacing your older Quest terminals for SwiftPOS Touch terminals as the Hub of your POS system - Task Manager stays the same.

Check out the series of videos below which will provide you with an overview of how you can upgrade your POS, some insight into benefits and features of SwiftPOS Touch over Quest and a video case study of Titirangi RSA.


"It's everything I hoped and more. I haven't had one negative comment from staff,
or from our customers, it's been positive positive positive..."
Randall Godfrey: Titirangi RSA




ACR Videos

Video Case Study at Titirangi RSA
Upgrading from Quest to SwiftPOS: How does it work?
SwiftPOS Restaurant Features over Quest
SwiftPOS Bar Features over Quest
Overview of the Panasonic Stingray POS Terminal
iPad & iPod: overview by Sean Williams

Video Case Study - Titrangi RSA

  • Member kiosk & reception kiosk
  • Dynamic member prize draw from POS
  • POS interaction with club screens/panels
  • Rear screen advertising
  • Upgrade benefits
  • Wise words

Upgrading from Quest to SwiftPOS: How does it work?

  • Overview of Quest connected to Task Manager
  • Process for change over
  • Advantages of change over
  • Free upgrade to latest version of Task Manager
  • Ipad, Ipod and Tablet POS
  • Summary


SwiftPOS Restaurant Features over Quest

  • Opening a table & advanced table features
  • Splitting bills, splitting balances
  • Reservations
  • Floor plans & restaurant management
  • Reservations
  • Summary

SwiftPOS Bar Features over Quest

  • Opening a TAB & advanced TAB features
  • Function features
  • Vouchers & mix n match (campaigns)
  • Reporting at POS
  • Splitting bills, splitting balances
  • Member info at POS
  • Create and edit members at POS

Overview of the Panasonic Stingray POS Terminal. 

  • Removable/replaceable touch scre en
  • Removable/replaceable hard drive
  • Customer facing LCD Screen
  • Finger print reader
  • Low cost of ownership

SwiftPOS Mobility Overview (iPad & iPod)

  • A look at the range of mobility devices
  • Task Manager Back Office with Mobility
  • How customers use SwiftPOS Mobility
  • Benefits of Mobility